Vegah studios

A place where visual effects catch the reality

This is our digital animation Company specialized in 2D/3D animations, visual effects, 2D to stereoscopic conversions, previsualization, motion graphics etc. Using the state-of-art technology and the brightest talent, we deliver stunning and award-winning visual effects for Film, TV and multi-platform projects. We also offer complete VFX solutions, which enables you to find the most creative solutions to suit your project’s needs and budget.


Our highly skilled team of animators creates 3D Character Animation or 3D Cartoon Animation in television series, movies and internet. They successfully conceptualize, write, design and produce cartoon projects of varied time limits. We provide creative solutions of unparalleled quality within the budget.

Visual effects

For the past fifteen years our team has been creating world-class visual effects. Our artists and experts help to shape some of the liveliest imagery on screens. We offer visual effects partnerships that are built on creative excellence and cutting-edge technologies. We offer complete VFX support and aim to work from project conception through to delivery to enable you to find the most creative solutions to suit your project needs and budget.

Stereoscopic 3D

  • We produce the following Stereoscopic content
  • Anaglyph
  • Polarized – Real D 3D and Sky3D
  • 2D-3D conversion services
  • Lenticular

3D Visualization

We provide high quality 3d architectural rendering and architectural modeling services. These services will bind your perception of buildings and furniture. The 3D model architecture images that we create include a high level of detail concerning texturing, modeling, and can also express light play i.e., the impact of sunlight, artificial light or shadows.

Motion Graphics

These are graphics that use video and animation technology to create an illusion of transforming appearance. These motion graphics are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.