Vegah Inc uses the best of ERP services for healthcare industries that plan to reduce their costs of administrative and clinical transactions coupled with the provision of better services to their customers.


Almost every individual has a mobile device. Patients can now interact and share information efficiently with their healthcare providers using phones, mobile technology, and social media. We assist healthcare industries in automating the process of collection, collation, and retrieval of patient information to enhance the response of healthcare industries to the demands of patient care. This reduces the cost of healthcare while increasing its efficiency and quality.


Our ERP services provide healthcare providers the decision support system needed for patients care delivery. It enables an automated and intelligent flow of patient’s information which make it possible for healthcare providers to serve their patients better. It enhances the delivery of care by automating data management and aligning the patient’s services with the appropriate schedules and bills.


Vegah Inc. is offering healthcare industries the opportunity to stay in charge of their patient’s relationship, patients’ referral processes and optimize their accusation and retention of patients. Using our ERP services, care transition can be managed as patients move through the network, the health problem of patients can be identified before they walk into the hospital and referrals can be tracked to keep patients within the network. The services enhance the movement of patient care outside the hospital setting, management of health conditions before the onset of problems, and shifting from proscriptive condition treatment to an advance collaborative approach. We connect healthcare system and processes to obtain a comprehensive patient relationship management.


Vegah Inc. ERP services covers the financial checking, documentation, coding and billing of complete claims to the applicable payers. The billing processes are automated, and individual billings are monitored and tracked till their completion. Our services prevent the wastage of time from registration till the settlement of claims. It ensures reimbursement of planned treatment by verifying insurance and checking the eligibility status. All services offered to the patients by the healthcare provider are accurately recorded, and a comprehensive overview of the billing-relevant information is provided. We ensure effective communication with payers at all steps of the billing process using pre-defined communication protocols. We run statistics and performance analysis to enhance the short-term corrective action, long-term decision making and compliance with legal requirements. Hospital visits, surgical and diagnostic procedures including lab activities are accurately entered. Missing puzzles can easily be tracked in case of a claim denial to refile or appeal the denial on time.


Healthcare industries stand to gain a lot from these ERP services. This includes easier patients record management, reduction in paperwork through the documentation of patients services as they occur, increased speed of information flow between the various departments, timeliness and reliability of information, reduction of patient’s registration time, interaction and wait time with efficient patient appointment scheduling and registration, minimal inventory levels, an increase in the flexibility of the healthcare industry and a higher profitability due to an insight into possible revenues per current coding prior to billing.

Vegah Inc. is committed to timely and efficient analysis and data input. We pride ourselves in delivering quality, consistent and prompt measurable results to healthcare industries.